Compatible Smart On-Board Mass Suppliers

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All Scale Brands Include Live Location and Mass Recording

Manage the safety and security of your assets, with complete control and transparency of your entire supply-chain.

Compatible with all Smart OBM truck scales
Automatically record weights directly from your existing truck scales.
Live axle and total combination weights
Track your vehicles and their weights in real time, and historically.
Generate Mass Reports
Including sub-meter location precision and 99.9% speed accuracy.

V-DAQ Wireless OBM

Connect with your V-DAQ Tag and view live weights from your Right Weigh OBM Scales.

Includes a new Driver App
Easily view and record real-time gross, axle, and tared weights from within the cab.
Compatible with Right Weigh OBM Scales.
Flexible and easy to use
Simply change towed trailers or dollys as your day to day work changes, whilst remaining compliant 100% of the time.
Track location and mass
View mass data live or historically on the tracking dashboard, and create mass trip reports for compliance.
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Where Smart OBM may be a required Telematics Condition