Telematics data-as-a-service

Plug-and-play Telematics, made in Australia for Australian fleets.

TCA Certified Telematics

Higher mass
Greater access
Lower risk
Tag and go in 30 seconds.

DRIVE EASY is a simple, plug-and-play road access solution enabling heavy vehicle transport operators to seamlessly manage their data, quickly comply with new regulatory measures, and access value-added opportunities boosting profitability and efficiency.

Get up and running instantly, and without disruptions to your normal business operations

Our clients include

Real-time tracking.

Manage the safety and security of your assets, with complete control and transparency of your entire supply-chain.

Fleet-wide real time data
Track your entire fleet in real-time on one page.
Trace historical data
View a wide range of data every second using a timeline for audit and management purposes.
High precision mobility data
Including sub-meter location precision and 99.9% speed accuracy.
Contractor and sub-contractor data management
Share data between contractors to improve visibility and transparency of the supply-chain.
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Support you can rely on.

Know your in good care, here at V-DAQ we go over and beyond for our clients, maximising the return on data, and ensuing everyday operations run seamlessly. All of our products and applications come with unlimited support. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business!
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For Assets & Trailers

Battery powered hardware and tracking software

Basic location tracking
Track the location of any asset on-demand when you need it most.
Standard Odometer tracking
Record the distance traveled, start and end location of assets in the field such as trailers, off and on-road vehicles.  
High precision activity utilisation & location tracking
Record the location and second-by-second usage of any asset using our advanced motion and activity recognition technology.
Asset management