Regulatory Telematics

Simple, Affordable & Supported.

Transport technology

Simple, Affordable & Supported.

Real-time vehicle telematics

Powerful fleet compliance & management integrations

Certified for RIM, TMA and Smart On-Board Mass

Unrivalled customer support

Regulatory Telematics

For Heavy Vehicles to meet road conditions, increase payload, and road access.

  • Helping You Meet Requirements For
    Performance Based Standards (PBS), Higher Mass Limits (HML), Smart On-Board Mass (SOBM), and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

  • Australian Technology and Australian Support
    Advanced technology products made simple for drivers and fleets; with support you can reach.

  • Simple Self-Installation and Quick Setup
    Get up and running instantly, and without disruptions to your normal business operations.

  • Transparent and Trusted
    We're a community of transport professionals, and industry technology experts who work with our clients to meet ever changing business requirements.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Track vehicles and assets in real time, view detailed history in detail, run reports and add integrations.

  • Centralised Live Tracking
    Monitor all vehicles and assets from one screen in real-time, with key details like address, speed and weight.

  • Comprehensive Historical Views
    Analyse location, speed, weight, and more, effortlessly using unlimited high-definition history & replay tools, and reports.

  • Geofences, Reports and Automations/Alerts (coming soon)
    Create custom geofences and generate detailed reports based on vehicle usage data. Create customized automations and alerts tailer to your requirements (coming soon).

  • Seamless Integrations
    Looking for more? Enable an integration with software of your choice for Safety and Compliance, Job Allocation, Fuel Tax Credits, NHVR EWD, and more.

Sensor Tracking

Manage the safety & security of your assets, with complete control of your entire supply-chain.

  • On-Board Mass (OBM) Weight Tracking
    Keep track of weights and monitoring payload in real-time, manage safety and compliance, and create mass management reports.

  • Temperature Tracking (coming soon)
    Monitor the temperature of assets in real time, analyse historical data through reports, and use automations for triggering alerts for critical thresholds.

Not a 'Black Box', a Tag

Self-installed in <30mins.
Windshield mounted.
Single power cable.

Cellular Network Connectivity 4G/5G LTE-M.
Satellite Positioning GPS/GNSS.
Long-Range Bluetooth (BLE) up to 36.5m for sensors.
3D motion sensing & analysis.

Second-by-second tracking data.
Simple installation.
Simple multi-option power cable.
Firmware updates over the air (FOTA).

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