Experts in Heavy Vehicle Compliance Telematics.

DRIVE EASY is a simple, affordable, plug-and-play road access solution enabling transport operators to quickly comply with new regulatory measures without disruptions to normal business operations, and access a wide range of applications and software for fleet management.

Affordable & Easy to install
Simple yearly fee, adhered to the windshield like an e-Tag.
TCA Certified for TMA, Smart OBM, & RIM
Easily comply with Notice or Permit requirements
Integration with almost any software
Connect your Tag to any software and share tracking data
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The Transport Certification Australia (TCA) Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) provides a flexible, cost effective approach to managing vehicle access using telematics. TMA is commonly being used as an IAP alternative across Australia. It is reducing red tape and lowering the boundaries to additional mass and access benefits for high productivity vehicles. TMA can be required for heavy vehicles operating under Notice or Permit.

The Transport Certification Australia (TCA) Smart OBM systems are digitally connected on-board weighing systems. Smart OBM system are required by a road managers or regulators  which specifies Smart OBM in combination with an intelligent access application such as TMA.

The Transport Certification Australia (TCA) Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) application provides a new way of collecting road use data from vehicles to better inform and optimise the management of road networks. RIM can be required for heavy vehicles operating under Notice or Permit.

Whether you're a large fleet, subcontractor, or owner-operator, DRIVE EASY makes it simple and affordable to meet telematics conditions for heavy vehicle compliance.

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Making compliance fast, affordable, and hassle-free.
Promoting a safer and more productive driving experience.

Simple Installation

Self-installed by adhering to the windshield
No external antennas
No hard wiring

Precision and reliability

High precision GPS/GNSS tracking
Live & historical tracking
Precise speed monitoring

Future-proof Compliance

Technology that aligns with the Transport Certification Australia (TCA) National Telematcis Framework (NTF) and Telematics Data Exchange (TDE)

A Rewards Platform

Share data on the V-SAFE Platform and connect to existing software solutions

Size & Power

80mm x 47mm x 10mm in size
30 second installation with included ahesive strips
50cm Micro-USB cable or 12/24V lighter port adaptor


Long range 4G LTE Cat-M1 with internal SIM
Bluetooth® for additional sensors, mobile, and tablet connectivity
Built-in antennas