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Telematics Compliance for Heavy Vehicles

DRIVE EASY is a simple, affordable, plug-and-play telematics solution enabling transport operators to quickly comply with new regulatory measures without disruptions to normal business operations.

Easy to install & smaller than your phone
Adhered to the windshield like an e-Tag.
Affordable to get started
Simple yearly fee, no hidden or installation costs.
Real-time GNSS/GPS Tracking
Keep an eye on your fleet with second-by-second tracking
Built in 4G connectivity
No sim card needed
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Telematics Conditions


Making compliance fast, affordable, and hassle-free.
Promoting a safer and more productive driving experience.

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Future-proof Compliance

Technology that aligns with the Transport Certification Australia (TCA) National Telematcis Framework (NTF) and Telematics Data Exchange (TDE)

Precision and reliability

High precision GPS/GNSS tracking
Live & historical tracking
Precise speed monitoring

Simple Installation

Self-installed by adhering to the windshield
No external antennas
No hard wiring

Driver Safety Monitoring

Live & historical analysis
Speed and high-risk driving
Event notifications

Accounting & Fuel Tax Credits

Eliminate risk and maximise your return by receiving accurate fuel tax credit and accounting records

A Rewards Platform

Share data on the V-SAFE Platform and connect to existing software solutions

Size & Power

80mm x 47mm x 10mm in size
30 second installation with included ahesive strips
50cm Micro-USB cable or 12/24V lighter port adaptor


Long range 4G LTE Cat-M1 with internal SIM
Bluetooth® for additional sensors, mobile, and tablet connectivity
Built-in antennas

Whether you're a large fleet, subcontractor, or owner-operator, DRIVE EASY makes it simple and affordable to meet telematics conditions for heavy vehicle compliance.

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